Thursday, February 9, 2012

All Dolled Up Gallery Shots

Here are the gallery shots of All Dolled Up!  I think theylook lovely and serene in the gallery setting of dramatic lighting and all white walls.  There's an air of joy and mischief in the room as well.  I just know that when the lights go off there are some plushie shenanigans taking place (or, at least I hope so!)
The artists of All Dolled Up are:  Jess Quinn , Mimi KirchnerJennifer Strunge, Paola Colombo, Jessi Halliday Messalic and myself.

As with most interests in life, if you dig deep enough, you will find there is an entire sub-culture full of fellow enthusiasts.  Through the All Dolled Up show, Vincennes University has given me an opportunity reach out to a select group of my heroes from that softie-making community.  I have chosen these artists to showcase their work based on their sense of whimsy, imagination, design sensibilities and refined craftsmanship.  I have been amazed and inspired by each of these artists, and I am thrilled to be able to exhibit along with them.  I hope this show captures a child-like sense of wonder and awe in everyone who views it.

group shot

main view
Two of Jennifer Strunge's Cotton Monsters and a trio of Paola Colombo's heads

A Mimi Kirchner girl doll, Jennifer Strunge's Cotton Monster and three of Paola Colombo's heads.

Forrest-y group shot
Two of my mustache guys, A Jennifer Strunge Cotton Monster and three of Jessi Halliday Mesalic's dolls
Group shot

Wall of lovely oddballs

Bear Boy, by me, Daisy the bird by Jess Quinn and two heads by Paola Colombo


Corner shot.

All Dolled Up will be on exhibit
Thursday, February 9 – Thursday, March 1, 2012.
Artists’ Reception: Tuesday, February 21, 11am – 12pm. Reception will be held in the Shircliff Gallery.
Artist’s Lecture: Tuesday, February 21, 2pm – 3pm – held in the Shircliff Auditorium, Rm. E101 in the Shircliff Humanities Building.
Gallery Hours: Monday – Thursday 8am – 9pm, Friday 8am – 5 pm, Sunday 12pm – 3pm

If you want to see even more photos, check out my flickr All Dolled Up set.