Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Super Hero and Villain Progress

I have been working on my super heroes and villains for the All Dolled Up exhibit that I am both curating and participating in.  The show is less than 2 months away.  I am very much looking forward to seeing my co-softie makers work up close, and touching it with my hands after admiring it on the internet for years.  I agreed to do an hour long lecture after the opening.  I am very surprised by that last sentence.  It would be more reasonable for me to have written, "I agreed to do an hour long lecture after the opening, after drinking 2 bottles of wine."  But, I was completely sober and now I need to make it happen.  I am very nervous that I will be boring, and I also have a lesser, more irrational fear that students are going to tweet to one another about my butt being big.  Then, everyone will laugh simultaneously and walk out.  I'm not really concerned about that, I just needed to insert some comic relief to make myself feel better.  So, to prepare for the lecture, I decided to write out what I was going to say on this blog, that way I can get all of my images together for the Power Point (sophisticated!) presentation and also (hopefully), you can help me by telling me what parts are terribly boring, what parts need elaborating on and what parts would benefit from the addition of pyrotechnics.  I am just going to keep it very down to earth and talk about my journey through art school (this is a lecture for art students (mainly) at Vincennes University), post-school shenanigans, how I began sewing dolls, and also the bios and backgrounds of the other artists in the show.  My face is red now after  writing this, not the best of signs! 


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! Congratulations! You'll do fine and I'm sure you'll be totally amazing at the presentation. I have to be careful to not laugh out loud when I read your blog (my little boy is asleep in the next room) but it's difficult because you're really frickin funny. Your story, your stuffed-friend-making skills, your winning personality, and hilarity will win over any crowd! Yow!

unsightly said...

Don't be nervous. You're one of the most endearing people I know. And if you think they'll make fun of your butt, beat them to it and put a big red target on it.

Kata Mester said...

I love your works!