Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Forest Orphan Sneak Peek

In addition to the Super Heroes and Villains I a making for All Dolled Up, I also decided to put a few Forest Orphans in there.  I am going to make three:  an owl girl, a deer dear, and a bear boy.  I have been having a lot of fun sewing them up, it is nice to slow down and add special details.  I have also been enjoying this winter which hasn't even reached coat status yet.  Walter and Albert and I have been going out every day.  It's really a joy for me to take these two fellows out----Albert on his leash and Walter with his monkey "backpack" (leash).  Albert enjoys peeing on every blade of grass with a foreign scent and Walter prefers rock gathering and waving bye to all the inanimate objects in peoples yards.

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StuffedNonsense. said...

as usual, super good work lady. wish i wasn't stuck in england so i could come and see your show!