Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Forest Orphan Numero Uno

I thought I'd share my first Forest Orphan with you.  She is supposed to be an owl, but she looks like she is dressed as some bird species that can only be found in the Amazon rain forest.  I took great care with her and even made her wings detachable.  I wanted the Forest Orphans to be less "hipster in the city" and more "lost boys from Peter Pan".  Joseph told me that when I try to sew more sophisticated things that I lose the charm and fun.  I like my forest orphans, but I see his point (said in a begrudging voice).  It will be a nice challenge to add sophistication and keep the charm and fun.


erin said...

Nichol! I love the detachable wings! And the darling little pom poms. I think they are sophisticated and fun!

unsightly said...

It's nice that you have a husband that can give you insightful and constructive criticism. The attention to detail on this doll is incredible. It must have taken you hours.