Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Serious Little Men

Or maybe not so serious. But, they take themselves seriously, particularly the last one in the striped one-sie pajamas. I'd imagine him to be quite the curmudgeon (I can't believe I spelled that right on the first try), and no fun at slumber parties. He'd be the one to bring ear plugs and demand you turn off the lights and stop playing light as a feather and stiff as a board. Do they still do that, also, I don't think I have too many male readers, but did they play that game at sleepover parties too? Why can I only imagine boys playing poker and eating candy cigars at sleepovers? If you are a man reading this, thank you (and do please let me know), or I guess I could ask Joseph when he is home from work.

I know these guys are photographed horribly, but after I realized my lighting was not ideal, I was too worried Walter would awaken from his nap, so I kept the men where they were and rushed it. Now I have these grainy shots. Sorry to you, friends!

I am enjoying being my very own pink cheeks factory. Next up are deer dears. You'll see what I mean soon.

The weather here is just on the brink of Autumn. Some trees have started to catch on. I like for these days to go very slowly so that I can savor them. Yesterday, Walter and I went to the park and he began squishing mushrooms with sticks, really big mushrooms; the kind that would be in Willy Wonka's magical chocolate forest, only they would be marshmallow-y instead of mushroom-y. I initially froze in horror because I used to obey (and later, enforce) a strict "don't hurt the trees" rule at summer camp (i.e. don't mindlessly bash trees with sticks or pull their leaves as you walk by), as a way to encourage a respect of nature. But, how else are you going to learn what is inside of a mushroom? So, I decided to let it go. Then, I decided to partake in the squishing and it was sort of awesome. I think the time slows it's pace when you do things out of the norm, so I'm working on that one. An apple orchard will be soon, which I have never in my life been to. Then, on to applesauce and apple bowls, like these.

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All About Us. said...

ohh wow they are so cute, cant wait to see your dear deers. my boyfriend/partner has a baby sister and when she used to go for walks she would point at any mushrooms she came across and shout 'FUNGUS!' and then run away chuckling to herself.