Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Flow in the Funk

I drifted away from my Pink Cheeks last week. This usually happens about every 3 months, I am just starting to recognize this pattern in myself. My 3 month funk usually involves moving all the furniture around in my house or spray painting something that I look at every day. This cycle was furniture moving. I also sewed some friendly trees. I have been wanting to make plush scenes to photograph ever since I saw The Look Book by Chris Sickles who, amazingly enough, lives in Indianapolis (go Hoosiers!).

At first, I wanted to do elaborate scenes with handmade things and found objects, but that idea never developed any legs because it was too open ended. So, now I am limiting myself to all plush scenes and I started with friendly trees (below).

I look forward to sewing plenty of props as they come to me, and then arranging them with my Pink Cheeks. Next up are homes and apartment buildings and clothing lines.


Susan said...

There is such fabulous fabric to make the scenery you are describing. I found wonderful prints when I was making fabric wall hangings. Love your trees to be sure.

Candice Hartsough McDonald said...

Love the trees!

Chris Sickles is an amazing person as well as an amazing artist! He goes to the illustrators lunch I belong to. Funny, I was just reading some reviews of the Look Book on Amazon, and some people gave it horrible reviews, which is just crazy!