Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Albert is a fan of reading. He likes books better than most things including gym class, Saturday morning cartoons, olives, and birthday cake. He made a special reading nook in his closet that he calls his book cave. On days when school is out, he can hole up reading in his book cave for hours, sometimes longer if he remembers to bring a bag of marshmallows and a thermos of milk with him. His mother tells him that she is concerned with his social development, but he assures her not to fret about and that if it weren't for his books he wouldn't even know what "social development" means, which must be worth something.

Albert is also the name of my dog. His favorite thing is going on walks. His whole day is spent avoiding Walter and nervously looking at me and waiting for the slightest clue that a walk in the near future. Any time I need a plastic bag, he does a few 360s thinking it's for his "deposits" and that we will be heading outside. We had to stop using the word "walk" and start using "stroll" so that he wouldn't have an excitement heart attack, but now he's learned "stroll" as well. Now we have to spell the words out.

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myskipper said...

albert is adorable!!