Sunday, April 10, 2011

Bloomington Handmade Market Recap and a Super Girl

I'm up early and my house is still asleep. I am drinking coffee, but my body has that weird feeling you get when you start your morning caffeine routine without a proper night's sleep. When I couldn't sleep I mindlessly kept "Stumbling" on StumbleUpon like a zombie. Next time I need to just warm up some milk and read. So, I am finally getting around to my Bloomington Handmade Market Recap! As with the three times prior, I neglected to take pictures of other people's booths which is a shame because this year's vendors were the greatest. I didn't do too hot sales-wise, but the people watching alone was worth the cost of the booth. I sold 3 dolls to a professor at IU which made me feel scholarly for some reason. I saw many whimsical things from a lot of vendors that are also on Etsy. I will conclude with four of my favorites:

these earrings
this card
this camel
this book safe

And here is a super girl for one of the superest girls I know. I can't include her story because she is a surprise, but I did want to share this picture because she looks so eager to be super in it!

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unsightly said...

I gifted Harry to my sister yesterday at her wedding shower and he was a big hit. She said he will sleep in between her and her husband every night (gross). Thank you again, he is so awesome. Your work is amazing!