Sunday, December 19, 2010

Two Lovelies

These two lovelies are off to a woman I met at the Bloomington Handmade Market. She and her husband make these beautiful leather wristlets and pouches. They practically sold-out at the market because their work is so beautiful. I am really flattered that they wanted to buy a few of my Pink Cheeks. It's nice when anyone loves your work, but there is something extra special about other crafts people liking it. I want to buy one of their wristlets, wear it on my wrist and prance around to show it off!

Herman loves shadows. In his room, his mom helped him hang a sheet from the ceiling, and then she got a very bright light to shine on it so that Herman would be able to put on shows for the rest of the neighborhood children. The shows are quite elaborate. He does the musical numbers with a kazoo he hangs around his neck. Sometimes his shows require big monsters, so he gets to be the shadow. Other times they require little tiny creatures, so he borrows his sister's dolls. He has a pet hermit crab named Peter. Sometimes he tapes a GI Joe to Peter's shell and puts him in the show. That creates an interesting effect.

Betts is attracted to the nocturnal lifestyle. She prefers soft, dark light to the fluorescent ones in her school, which make her head feel wonky. Sometimes, during the day-time she sits in closets and works on her night vision. She is pretty good. She makes drawings in her room at night, by the light of the moon, which she thinks is a pretty artsy thing to do. She does this while eating moon-pies. She calls her drawings "moon-scapes". Sometimes bits of her moon-pie melts on her fingers and gets smudged on her drawing, but her mother thinks this adds to the overall effect. She signs them "anonymous" and tapes them up on the walls at her school.

My little Walter took his first couple of steps today. It's just incredible how they teach themselves.


All About Us. said...

congratulations on walters steps!
ive been following your blog for a while now and ive just realised that ive never told you how much i admire your work. i genuinely look forward to reading your blog when it comes up on my blogs to read bar.
i make soft toys myself but they are no where near as amasing as yours!
keep up the good work

MyrtleHernandez said...

i like it to.. i wish to having like yours ..
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