Thursday, December 9, 2010

Margaret for a Give Away at Indy's Child

Margaret is dressed for winter time. She spends her Autumns going to rummage sales and buying various hats that she thinks have some magic stored up in them. Then when winter comes, she puts on her polar bear hoodie and sneaks up behind snowmen in the neighborhood. She puts various hats on their heads and then she runs very fast and dives behind a snowy bush, and camouflaged in her snow-white polar bear hoodie she waits to see if the snowmen come to life. So far, no snowmen have come to life, but she hasn't lost hope, and in the meantime she's quite certain they appreciate her keen eye for hat styles. When one does finally come to life, she is going to ask him to the school social. He will wear his fancy hat, and she her most special bow.

Walter thought her placement for the photo needed adjusting.

Margaret is going to be heading off to the kind people at Indy's Child for a give away! I will let you know when that happens so that you can win her for that special wearer-of-bows in your life.

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