Friday, March 12, 2010

Cone of Silence

Joseph and I kept Walter's name a secret throughout the entire pregnancy. It was very serious for Joseph, he did not want me even saying Walter's name when it was just the two of us at home, things may have been different if we had a cone of silence. When I made this banner for my little man he was still in utero and I was not allowed to piece it together until after birth. So while he was in my womb it was like a word scramble. This photo was taken by Mike Lee who came over to our house and took the most charming photos of Walter and Joseph and I (and Albert) as a family, including this one:

Look how tiny! To see more of MDLee's photos, go to his blog-----soooooooo fun.


Susan said...

The pictures are fabulous. I remember the Cone of Silence. How I long for one some days. TA.

sydney jw said...

walter is so lucky to have a mommy who makes toys!! very cute
best of luck!

Anonymous said...

Hi Nichol,
CONGRATULATIONS! Walter looks beautiful. Enjoy him while he's little, it doesn't last long.
Beautiful photos.
Deb Nichol

Natascha Rosenberg said...

I'm very very late but... Walter is a little prince! Congratulations!

Michele said...

Come back! I miss your your updates. Cute baby. ^__^