Saturday, April 4, 2009

What My Saturday Looks Like

My Stylish Lady Matryoshka dolls are going to need another day for me to finish them up.  It makes me laugh that I am calling them "stylish" and currently wearing black tights with white shoes.  I am all dressed for the Stone Belt spring dance.  Joseph (husband) made a comment before that I am not so good at style "from the ankle down", otherwise I wouldn't have Googled is it okay to wear white shoes with black tights just to be sure I was in the clear, which I am definitely not.  I am not, however, a "shoe" person.  I don't have any alternatives, so I am just going to wear them and pretend that I am "fashion-forward".  I am very excited about the dance, regardless of my fashion no-no.  I never went to a prom, and even though most of my friends say I didn't miss much, and then they recite the horrible-ness of it all, I think a prom-nightmare-story is better than no-prom-story at all.  But now, finally(!) a decade later, I get to redeem myself at the Stone Belt dance!  Woo!  

I will update you tomorrow on Monday with pictures of the event, the shoes and the finished matryoshkas which will be up in the shop then! Enjoy your Saturday!  


Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi ichol!
oh! i cannot wait to see and hear all about it!

i love your new dolls!

:) melissa


Hahahaha, that was funny :D
I love these photos!

Anonymous said...

i MUST make myself a mustached-pillow now that I've seen your delightful one! it's always a pleasure catching up with pink cheeks! take care!