Monday, March 9, 2009

Daily Walk Documentation

I found this amazing book at Barnes and Noble ages ago.  I found it when I was looking for a book that Kitty Pink Stars had been flickering about.  It is by the same author (Keri Smith) so the books were neighbors on the shelf, and I was immediately drawn to it because there are all these colorful circles on the cover and I find circles to be a most pleasing shape!  

**(quick side note---while looking for a link to Keri Smith, I just discovered she has a blog [swoooooon])

I bought the book without shopping around or checking used book stores because I fell in love with it immediately, and except for the occasional cafe mocha with extra whipped cream splurge, I tend to be pretty frugal.  But, this book is great, it helps you to see the world through new eyes.  It brought out my inner child that had gone into hibernation because all the "adult-ish" stress-bullies weren't letting it play.  It has all these projects to do---a lot of them are about drawing, collecting, observing and wondering.  Before today I just used to peruse the book during a bath and get excited at the possibility of actually doing the projects, but today, on a walk with Albert I made myself do one.    I collected interesting objects on my walk---the goal was supposed to be 30 items, but I lacked the pocket space (I smell a sweater alteration project, do you?).  It made my walk very exciting.  I felt like a pirate on a treasure hunt.  It also made me more mindful and got me genuinely excited about Spring and all the magical things that occur.  I made it a rule to not pick anything living, like weeds and flowers.  The coolest thing I found was the item on the far right, bottom.  It's a natural thing that grows on trees, but it looks like some medieval torture device or something....  Completely strange.  I really enjoyed myself, and I really recommend the same adventure to anyone else!


Susan said...

Just popping in to say hello and to mention that not only did you find great treasures, you and Albert got some one-on-one time and you can de-stress from the daily grind. Looks like a great book. Take care, Susan

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi nichol!
oh what a wonderful book and adventure in fun!
thank you so much for sharing it! what a perfect way to start my day!