Monday, March 23, 2009


Beatrice is a spring fanatic.  She has little tolerance for the color gray, and gets quite grumpy after the last fall leaf has fallen off the trees and the branches are all bare.  As soon as the weather becomes bearable, Beatrice is outside preparing for Spring.  The first thing she does is collect pine cones and buy up crunchy peanut butter from the shop.  Then she gets to work making and hanging her bird feeders on all the tree limbs that are starting to sprout buds.  She's pretty sure that she is personally responsible for the rising bird population in her county, but she doesn't mind.  Next Beatrice tends to her flower garden which features every color in her 100 colored Crayola crayon box.  The colors are important because Beatrice is an organic-enthusiast, and she refuses to dye her Easter eggs with food coloring.  Instead, she makes dye naturally with her flowers, and they come out quite nice.  The children in her neighborhood are so in awe of them that they don't even complain about the lack of chocolate inside of them at her annual-organically-dyed-Easter-egg-hunt.

Beatrice measures 12" tall while siting, and her legs measure 6 more inches.  She is 8" across and made with super soft fleece, brightly colored spring fabrics, vintage and non-vintage buttons, denim, felt and polyfill.  She can sit up all on her own and looks ever so lovely on a shelf.  She has posable arms and dangly legs.

Beatrice is up for sale in my Etsy shop!


The Tilted Tulip said...

She's so adorable! I've been blog-stalking you for awhile and am forever impressed by your creations. Keep up the good work!

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi nichol!

oh she is fabulous!

i love her colors and all of her details.

these faces you are creating are wonderful!

Social Marketing Mama said...

Beatrice is very very CUTE!