Saturday, January 24, 2009

She's Pink... She's Fabulous... She's Kitty Pink Stars

Here she is!  I just adore this woman---she transfers so well into plushie form because she really is a magical, happy, beautiful person who was plucked straight out of Candy Land.  I still need to write a love story for Jacob and her which I will post soon.  Her shoes are little cats which actually exist in full-human size.  Now that I am done with her, the sun actually came out of hiding.  My dog, Albert, is also aware of this, and he keeps trying to hypnotize me with his sad, brown eyes into taking him out for a walk.  


Sharona R. said...

Your work is wonderful! I will have to ask you to make me one day, that should be magnificent (though not as pink :o)

Jenny S said...

I saw the plushie's shoes and thought "aaah they are too cute! I want some!" Can't believe they are real.. Yay! :-D

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi nichol!
i just love her! the fabrics you chose are just perfect!